Because the Golden Link College seeks to assist the less privileged sectors of society, it does not derive its income from the tuition of the students. It is supported by the kindness and generosity of individuals
and organizations who sponsor students for their tuitions fees or who donate to the school in various ways.
Here are some ways by which you can assist the Golden Link College:
• Sponsor the tuition fees of one or more students. The schedule of tuition fees per students is shown in the table below.
• Donate library books: this can be for pre-school, elementary, high school, or for the faculty.
• Assist in completing the facilities of the school, such as laboratory equipment, sports facilities, computers, and the construction of additional classrooms.
• Sponsor the outreach program of the Golden Link College in helping other public schools which do not have enough facilities, textbooks or
teacher training. More than 90% of primary and secondary students in
the Philippines are enrolled in public schools.
• Help sponsor free Summer Classes to poor children who cannot afford to go to private schools. The cost is P205,540.00 or US$4,780.00 per

How You Can Help

Sponsor Scholars (including textbooks)
   Pre-school (P10,000.00 per year)                   US$240.00
   Elementary (P15,000.00 per year)                  US$360.00
   High School (P20,000.00 per year)                 US$480.00
   College (P28,000.00 per year)                        US$660.00
Free Summer Classes (per summer)                  US$4,780.00 

The above tuition for pre-school up to high school includes free snacks, pupils camps, textbooks, but does not include uniforms, and field trip.