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Theosophical Society
in the Philippines


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Indo-Pacific Federation of the Theosophical Society

Triennial Conference - 2-5 November 2007
Innotech SEAMEO, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Theme: ‘Live to Benefit Humanity’

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Friday, 2 November

9:00 to 10:00: Registration
10:00 – Opening of the Conference
             Prayers of the Religions
             Welcome by the President of the Host Section
             Welcome by the Federation President
10:45 – Morning Tea
11:00 – Indo-Pacific Federation Council Meeting
             (Conference participants welcome to attend as observers)
12:30 – Lunch
14:45 – Theosophical Work in the Indo-Pacific Region: a Review
16:00 – Afternoon Tea
16:30 – Short talks:  
             ‘The Role of Theosophy in Social Transformation’,
               Mr S. Sundaram, General Secretary of the Indian Section, TS
             ‘Popularizing a Knowledge of Theosophy’,
               Mr Chong Sanne, President, Singapore Lodge Theosophical Society 
18:00 – Dinner
19:30 – Light programme to be organized by the TS in the Philippines

Saturday, 3 November 2007

7:30 – Meditation
8:00 – Breakfast
9:00 – Symposium: ‘Live to Benefit Humanity’
             Mrs Munju Sundaram, Indian Section, TS
             Mr T. Siva, President, Selangor Lodge of the TS, Malaysia
             Mrs Linda Oliveira, National President, TS in Australia
11:00 – Morning Tea
11:30 – ‘Healing: a Theosophical View’
             Talk, followed by questions and answers, by Mrs Lily Chong,
             Secretary, Singapore Lodge Theosophical Society 
12:30 – Lunch
14:30 – ‘The Theosophical Order of Service Around the World’
               by Diana Dunningham Chapotin, International Secretary, TOS
16:00 – Afternoon Tea
16:30 – Business Meeting of the TS in the Philippines
18:00 – Dinner
19:30 – ‘Sharing Ideas on TS Work’,
              facilitated by Mr Vicente Hao Chin, Jr,
              National President, TS in the Philippines

Sunday, 4 November

7:30 – Meditation
8:00 – Breakfast
9:00 –'Universal Brotherhood - Core Work of the Theosophical Society'
          talk by Mr Pedro Oliveira
          President, Indo-Pacific Federation of the TS
10:30 – Morning Tea
11:00 – Public Lecture by the Guest of Honour,
             Hon. Reynato Puno
             Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines            
12:30 – Lunch
14:30 – ‘The Role of Theosophical Federations in TS Work’
             Talk and discussion facilitated by Terezinha Kind,
             President, Inter-American Theosophical Federation
15:30 – Afternoon Tea
16:00 – ‘Theosophy as a Living Wisdom’
             Short talk, followed by discussion, by John Vorstermans,
            National President, TS in New Zealand
18:00 – Dinner
19:30 – Closing of the Conference   
             Prayers of the Religions
             Closing remarks by the President of the Host Section
             Closing remarks by the Federation President

Monday, 5 November

7:30 – Meditation
8:00 – Breakfast
9:00 – City Tour Around Manila
12:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Visit to Golden Link School


  At such gatherings as this, we are helped to realize more of the very essence of Theosophy than perhaps we have done hitherto. I feel than an important part of the work of the Theosophical Society is being accomplished through its conventions and conferences, which are not just occasions for talking and listening. That is a purely superficial and outward interpretation of what actually takes place. We are here in order to create an atmosphere, to set forces in action, to change ourselves, to enter with our whole hearts into the truths of the Divine Wisdom.

                                                            N. Sri Ram, On the WatchTower



  • Venue: SEAMEO Innotech (Click here to see photos of venue)
  •      This is the conference venue for the Ministries of Education of  Southeast Asian Nations. It is in the center of Quezon City near University of the Philippines and City Hall.

  • Registration Fee: US$60.00 (to be paid during the conference)

  • Accommodation and meals for 5 days (to be remitted by Aug. 30, 2007 through bank). Note: Deluxe rooms are limited; priorities will be given according to the time of receipt of accommodation and meal fee. The rates below are based on the current conversion rate between Peso and US dollar. We shall try to maintain same dollar rate if the fluctuation is not too large.
  •           Deluxe Rooms (2 or 3 in an aircon room with own TV, bathroom/toilet):

                US$260.00 (for 2 in a room; covers 5 nights,
                                    with dinner on Nov. 1 and breakfast on Nov. 5)
                US$235.00 (for 3 in a room; covers 5 nights,
                                    with dinner on Nov. 1 and breakfast on Nov. 5)

  • City Tour & Visit to Golden Link School: US$15.00 (covers lunch, bus rental,
                                                                             and entrance fees to selected sites)

    For foreign delegates, please

    Click here to download the Registration Form

    and send it back to us by email.

  • Payment
  • Remittance of the hotel reservations may be made by sending the fund through telegraphic transfer to the following account. Please notify us in that you have remitted. We will confirm by email upon our receipt.
    Send telegraphic transfer to:
    Account name Theosophical Society in the Philippines
    Account number 177-2-177-00904-5
    Bank name and address Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co., Welcome Rotonda Branch, Quezon City, Philippines
    Swift code: MBTC-PHMM

  • Transfer fare from airport to venue and back
  •      Approximately US$15.00 per taxi. A TS member will facilitate such arrangement at the airport and the cost per person will just be charged to the participant upon arrival at the venue during the registration.

  • Optional tours
  • Participants may wish to have optional tours in the Philippines after the conference. We can provide suggested locations. Watch the Optional Tours webpage for tour spot suggestions.

  • For further inquiries:
  •     For information, please email

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