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Theosophical Society
in the Philippines


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Luzon Federation
of the Theosophical Society in the Philippines

An organizational meeting of the proposed Luzon Federation will held on May 26-27, 2007 at the National Headquarters of the TS in the Philippines.

Invited are the officers and members of all lodges and study groups in Luzon, including Metro Manila. The national headquarters is willing to help subsidize officers or official representatives of a lodge or study group who has difficulty in meeting the cost of attending the conference. Please contact Romy Velarde or Vic Hao Chin Jr. for such support.

Accommodations for delegates from outside of Manila will be available near the headquarters during the two days of the conference. However, due to the limited space, the delegates must first make reservations for accommodations.

If the official delegate is not the President of the lodge or the study group, he or she should be authorized by the lodge or the President to vote in behalf of his/her group.

For further information, please call Romy Velarde (2)741-5740 or mobile phone 916-7224544. You may also email us at


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