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Online Books and Articles

Hundreds of theosophical books and articles are already online. We are adding titles which are recommended or are not commonly available in the other websites. New titles will be continuously added. For links to other theosophical online books, click here.

Title Author
Ageless Wisdom, The Vicente Hao Chin Jr.
Ancient Wisdom, The Annie Besant
At the Feet of the Master J. Krishnamurti
Christening of Karma Geddes McGregor
Collation of Theosophical Glossaries Scott J. Osterhage
Early Teachings of the Masters of the Wisdom C. Jinarajadasa
Esoteric Christianity Annie Besant
Establishing Theosophical Schools Vicente Hao Chin Jr.
Light on the Path Mabel Collins
Occult World, The Alfred P. Sinnett
Old Diary Leaves, First Series (1874-78)
Henry Steel Olcott
Old Diary Leaves, Second Series (1878-83) Henry Steel Olcott
Old Diary Leaves, Third Series (1883-87) Henry Steel Olcott
Old Diary Leaves, Fourth Series (1887-92) Henry Steel Olcott
Old Diary Leaves, Fifth Series (1893-96) Henry Steel Olcott
Old Diary Leaves, Sixth Series (1896-98) Henry Steel Olcott
On Education Vicente Hao Chin, Jr.
Peace Ideas  
Readings on Theosophical Education Compiled by Vicente Hao Chin Jr.
Secret Doctrine, Vol. I Helena P. Blavatsky
Secret Doctrine, Vol. II Helena P. Blavatsky
Self-Transformation Articles  
Self-Transformation Chapters Vicente Hao Chin, Jr.
Sa Tiilan sa Magtutudlo (Visayan translation of At the Feet of the Master) J. Krishnamurti
The Voice of the Silence Helena P. Blavatsky
When We Die Geoffrey A. Farthing

Links to other websites that have online theosophical books and articles:

Theosophical University Press Books on classic theosophy (HPB and Mahatma Letters) Encyclopedia Glossary, Purucker, Judge, etc.
HPB Collected Writings The 15 volumes of HPB's collected writings with an online index
Blavatsky Study Center Classic and out-of-print books
Canadian Theosophical Association More than 750 books and articles by various theosophical authors 236 major articles of H. P. Blavatsky alphabetically arranged



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