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Qualities of a Good Teacher

Have you ever thought of the qualities of a really good teacher? If you were again a student, what kind of a teacher would you like to have?

Here are some qualities that we suggest. Perhaps there are other qualities that you can think of, but we think these are the ones that stand out.

Happy in

When a teacher is basically unhappy, he or she would tend to be gruff, morose, strict, unresponsive and distant from the students. When the teacher is not able to handle his or her own personal problems effectively,

efficiency and effectiveness as a teacher suffer.

Cheerfulness. This is a habitual capacity to think positively, optimistically, benevolently and supportively towards other people, particularly students. A morose appearance turns off students and makes a person unapproachable. Being cheerful as a teacher is not only something that one should feel by oneself, it should be felt by others, particularly by the students. It means the habit of smiling. Smiling and frowning are both habits or habitual attitudes. If one has to choose why choose frowning?

Self-transformative. Every person has problems and difficulties: physical, financial, relationship, career, etc. Why is it that some remain optimistic and