Golden Link School                                                                                                                 Qualities of a Good Teacher


One day, one of our teachers was talking to a new kindergarten child. This child suddenly spit at the face of the teacher. How would you react to such a situation?

If you feel offended and insulted, then it most probably indicates that you tend to be self-absorbed and such a behavior is immediately construed as an attack against you. But if there is no ego-centeredness, then one will see it as a behavioral problem of a new pupil who has developed anti-social habits. Our duty as a teacher is to help transform the child. The spitting at the face is not about the teacher; it could have been the parents, uncle, sister, or babysitter. She probably would spit at most people whenever she is being corrected or told.

Self-transformative teachers will be able to effectively handle their own emotional reactions and not allow the automatic reaction to determine what they will do with the children.

There are several ways of expressing love behaviorally. Here are the important ones:

Listening. The most important is genuine listening. Listening is an affirmation of our high regard of the other person.

Quality Time. This is having time with the other person where you both enjoy your shared activity, whether it is conversation, reading together, playing, etc. 

Touching. When young children are cuddled or embraced, when their hands are held, they unconsciously get the message of love and care. They may not know the word “love” but they sense it.

The students will reach an age when certain ways of touching are inappropriate in school, but shaking of hands can still be done, patting the shoulder or arm will still be all right.

Words of Affirmation. These are positive words of genuine appreciation that are conveyed to another. It can be “Thank you,”