Golden Link School                                                                                                                 Qualities of a Good Teacher

“I care for you,” “I like your dress today,” “Oh, how did you do that? Can you teach me?” “I appreciated it very much when you helped your classmate with her assignment.”

Other Languages of Love. Dr. Gary Chapman, a family counselor, adds two more to the above ways of expressing love: acts of service and gift-giving.

Love is one of the most powerful transformative elements in any kind of relationship. It affirms the worthiness of another. It inspires and encourages young people. It heals emotional wounds. It makes people happy.

Be loving as a teacher. Everyday. Every hour.


Teaching in a school can be a complex job. One must be ready with a daily lesson plan; read

ahead to be prepared about the subject matter; check the submitted works of the students; prepare for regular assessment exams and check them; talk to students on their individual difficulties or problems; attend faculty meetings; do other assigned tasks in the school, etc. When the teacher is not organized, the tasks tend to pile up and one begins to feel pressured and tense. Failure to accomplish needed tasks creates its own new problems, adding to the pressure. There is a spiraling chain reaction that results in a feeling of frustration and failure.

Doing Routine Tasks. Being organized means, first, to have the time to do routine necessary things, such as preparing lesson plans, checking the works of the students and similar tasks. Set aside definite times or days for this work. Let your administrator know when you will be doing these so that there will be a minimum of conflict in tasks assigned to you.