Golden Link School                                                                                                                 Qualities of a Good Teacher


Things-to-do List. Keep a things-to-do list — daily, weekly or monthly. For the daily things-to-do, attend to this first thing in the morning and try to accomplish those which can immediately be done. Cross off those that have been done, and endeavor to finish what you have listed for the day.

The daily things-to-do list is one of the most useful management tools ever invented. Use it.

File Management. Papers easily accumulate on our table as we get busier in our jobs. Before it piles up into disorder, plan a way of handling papers, folders and documents.

Have a place for everything. Create folders or filing shelves that are already pre-categorized. You will know where to put papers that come into your hands.

Decide what to dispose. Determine what are not important, and be generous to the thrash can — throw those papers away.

As much as possible, act on the papers immediately so that you handle it only once, and then send it to where it should go. Otherwise have a pending tray, but don’t allow them to accumulate.

Personal Growth. Devote time to growth, relationship and self-development. For example, devote a fixed amount of time for reading — whether novels or non-fiction. Reading is one of the most important sources of personal growth and advancement.

Devote quality time to the important people in your life. There is no point in being effective in your job when it is at the expense of the important relationships in your life — especially your family.

Have time for leisure. How do you spend your free time. Have hobbies that you find fun to do but which will not be harmful to your growth. Choose your companions carefully.