Golden Link School Qualities of a Good Teacher

Creativity is fun and exhilarating. It is fulfilling. It gives meaning to what we do.

Creativity is not merely about art. It is about anything that we do living, relationships, job, attitudes, philosophy, religion, etc. It is simply to be open to explore new dimensions, insights, angles and possibilities. It frequently leads to transcendence going beyond the current level we are in and rising to a higher level.

Resourcefulness. Given limited resources and facilities, a creative teacher will look for alternative ways of creating teaching materials and activities that are effective and interesting. Teaching the principles of a subject can often be done with inexpensive materials or methods.


Teaching in a school is a community activity, not a solitary occupation. One deals with administrators, co-teachers, staff, rules, policies, parents, procedures, etc. Thus, one is a part of a team that one must work with. Harmony with the rest of the team becomes an important quality of an effective teacher.

It is important to note that harmony does not mean conformity. One may have different opinions or may disagree with colleagues, but one is able to do so with a spirit of harmoniousness that does not create misunderstanding, hurt or offense. Such team spirit is an important ingredient in a successful school. It fosters warmth, goodwill and joy in the school community. It gives its members confidence in trying new creative approaches without being misunderstood or suspected of ulterior motives. It fosters an atmosphere of trust.

Thus the cooperative spirit is one that is sensitive to the feelings and situations of other members of the school community. In such a community, there is greater real freedom and security, for one is no longer afraid of unspoken rules or undercurrent issues. There is openness to discuss and listen to divergent views, even open to criticism about oneself.