Golden Link School                                                                                                                 Qualities of a Good Teacher

Don’t fall for the alibi that you are too busy to do the things mentioned above. The more organized you are, the more time you will have in your hands. But if you do not attend to those things, they will result in future problems and crises — relationship problems, health problems, poor performance, etc.


Excellence means being the best that you can be. Its opposite is mediocrity — just being contented with the present situation — which leads to apathy and boredom.

Excellence is to be excited about new knowledge, new capacities, new skills and growth; to dare new things, explore new horizons, and not afraid of so-called “failure” or mistakes.

If you are an English teacher, would you like to explore your

own highest capabilities in language — speaking, writing stories or essays? Would you like to write a novel? Why not? Or write a textbook on English?

If you are a Math teacher, would you like to explore your capacity to understand higher math such as differential calculus? Would you like to compile various math puzzles and then challenge your students to solve them? Would you like to train your students to become really good in math that they will do well even in international math competitions?

If these things don’t ring a bell in your heart and mind, then what will you be 15 years from now in your career? Just doing the same lesson plans year-in and year-out with hardly any variation?

Then your life as a teacher will probably not be meaningful to you. It is just a job, a routine. It is not something exciting or challenging. Perhaps you should look for other rainbows to pursue.