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"Schoolmasters will answer: 'The object of modern education is to pass examinations,' a system not to develop right emulation, but to generate and breed jealousy, envy, hatred almost, in young people for one another, and thus train them for a life of ferocious selfishness and struggle for honors and emoluments instead of kindly feeling." -- H. P. Blavatsky

The Theosophical Society in the Philippines runs four schools that offer nursery up to elementary levels.

  • The Golden Link School
  • Waling Waling St., Parkland Subdivision, Caloocan City
    Tel. No. (63-2) 9615836

    Nursery, Kindergarten, Elementary, & High School

  • The Besant School
  • Bacolod City, Philippines
    Tel. (63-34)444-0314

    Nursery and Kindergarten

  • Sunshine Learning Center
  • 1 Iba Street, Quezon City
    Tel. No. (63-2) 741-5740

    Nursery and Kindergarten

  • TOS Learning Center
  • San Vicente Ferrer, Camarin
    Caloocan City, Philippines
    Tel. No (63-2) 961-5836

    Nursery and Kindergarten