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The Self-Transformation Program

The Self-Transformation Program of the Philippine Theosophical Institute is a comprehensive process of personal and spiritual growth that aims to help individuals to:
  • Review one’s understanding of reality
  • Clarify one’s core and personal values
  • Learn self-awareness
  • Eliminate recurring emotional distress in one’s life, such as fear, depression, anger, phobias, stress, trauma, hurt, etc.
  • Be effective in one’s interpersonal relationship through genuine listening and effective communication
  • Be free of unwanted conditionings
  • Take control over one’s own destiny
  • See beyond the surface appearance of things and events
  • Strengthen the higher self and control the lower self
  • Learn the art of meditation
  • Systematically pursue the path of the spiritual life

The process starts with a 3-day seminar and is followed by a continuing program of sustaining one’s efforts and learnings.

The seminar has been conducted in various countries, such as Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It has been conducted to the faculties, administrative officers, and students of many schools, colleges and universities.

The Self-Transformation Program is a non-commercial, non-profit service of the Philippine Theosophical Institute.

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