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New Release!

6.25" x 9.25 " hardbound
with dust jacket
490 pages 24
US$24.00 + postage
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Peso960.00 + Php55.00 postage within Philippines)

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6.25" x 9.25 " hardbound
with dust jacket
1,900+ pages
US$58.00 + postage
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Peso2,900.00 + Php95.00 postage within Philippines)

Compiled by John and Elizabeth Sell
Edited by John and Elizabeth Sell, Roselmo Doval-Santos

  • More than 1900 pages
  • More than 400 articles dating back from 1927
  • With comprehensive indices
  • With rare photographs, some never before published

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Sharing the Light

The Collected Articles of Geoffrey Hodson, Vols. I & II

Here for the first time is the comprehensive collection of all known articles written by Geoffrey Hodson, one of the most prolific and inspiring theosophical writers and lecturers of the 20th century. Spanning a period of more than 50 years, the two-volume collection contains more than 400 articles that cover an astonishing variety of subject matters.

Some article titles:

  • Zen Practice and Zen Consciousness
  • What Should Be Taught?
  • To the Parents of Christopher (On Parenting)
  • Theosophy for the Artist
  • Some Laws ont he Spiritual Life
  • The Science of Self-Illumination
  • The Ideal Lecture
  • Experiments in time
  • Who Made God?
  • Finding One's Life Work
  • An Adventure into the Fourth Dimension
  • The Masters' World
  • The Development of Clairvoyance
  • The Theosophical Society and the Esoteric Section
  • The Cause of Human Sorrow
  • The Nature of Spiritual Awareness
  • The Neophyte Finds His Master
  • Gossip
  • The Meaning of Evil
  • Vegetarianism in the Bible
  • Sufism -- the Esoteric Philosophy of Islam
  • Clairvoyant Diagnosis of Disease
  • Meditation as a Healing Process
  • and hundreds of others!

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