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"Children should above all be taught self-reliance, love for all men, altruism, mutual charity, and more than anything else, to think and reason for themselves. . . . We should aim at creating free men and women, free intellectually, free morally, unprejudiced in all respects, and above all things, unselfish." -- H. P. Blavatsky

The Golden Link Youth Organization is open to all young people from ages 13 to 25 without any distinction of sex, religion, status, or race. It holds regular youth camps in various cities in the country and is composed of circles which meet at least once a month.

Its aim is to foster wholesome character among its members and to nurture the spirit of selfless service.

Here are some of the activities of the Golden Link:

  • Values clarification
  • Character building
  • Self-awareness
  • Conquering fear
  • Developing effectiveness in relationships and communication
  • Learning public speaking
  • Nurturing genuine love and caring
  • Entering in relaxation and inner silence
  • Developing social maturity
  • Learning to swim
  • And many more!

For more information, please call or write:

The Golden Link
1 Iba Street, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No. 741-5740; Fax No. 740-3751